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Rubber Cushioned Pressed Steel Pillow Blocks



LDK Rubber Mounted Pressed steel pillow blocks encased RSA or RSB inserts are designed for use in the HVAC industry. The units consist of a two piece separable pressed steel housing(PB housing) with a light duty ball bearing insert surrounded by a conductive ring to help dissipate static and dampen noise and vibration.Setscrew units have two setscrews 120°apart in the inner ring. Eccentric locking collar units provide locking for one-directional applications.
The rubber rings are made of NBR and can withstand temperatures ranging from -30 to +100°C(-20 to +210°F)
Styles include:
RSBPP - bore ranges from 12-30mm(1/2-1-1/4inch) Setscrew Locking type
RSAPP- bore ranges from 12-30mm(1/2-1-1/4inch) Eccentric collar Locking type

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