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Maintenance-free (lubrication free) spherical plain bearings are used for applications where long bearing life is required without maintenance (i.e. lubrication) or where operating conditions such as inadequate lubrication (or the absence of lubrication) make the use of Steel-on-Steel bearings inadvisable. When corrosion resistance and maintenance free characteristics are required, a stainless steel on PTFE fabric material Spherical Plain Bearing should be considered.

LDK’s Stainless steel spherical plain bearings are designed to serve damp,corrosive working environment. These products deliver improved reliability and protect against a variety of wet and dry contaminants, dramatically improve bearing life while reducing the operation costs.

It includes
SGE..ET (2RS) - Stainless Steel-on-PTFE, metric measurements,single fractured,with/without seals.
SGE..C - Stainless Steel-on-PTFE, metric measurements,without seals
SCOM..T - Stainless Steel-on-PTFE, imperial measurements,without seals.

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