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Also named chromoly rod ends,these heavy duty rod ends are commonly used on 4-link and ladder bars for their strength and durability. NXM Series rod ends are completely self-sealing and self-lubricating because of their Nylon/PTFE injection molded race that keeps dirt and debris out.

LDK's Chromoly rod ends/heim joints are the perfect solution for links, control arms, steering kits, 4 links, traction bars, etc.

- Heat Treated Chromoly Body (coated for corrosion resistance)
- Precision Ground 52100 Bearing Steel Ball (heat treated & hard chrome plated)
- Self Lubricating and Self Cleaning Reinforced Kevlar/Nylon Liner


- Metal to Metal Support for Heavy Shock Loads
- Increased Cross Sectional Thickness for Greater Strength
- Liner provides for smooth operation without the "squeak" associated with cheaper  heims

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