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Rod Ends & Spherical Plain Bearings



Rod ends consist of a threaded housing with an integral spherical plain bearing or a threaded housing formed around a ball. Rod ends are designed to provide an efficient smooth transfer of motion in a wide variety of applications and equipment. This motion is usually associated with various types of linkage controls. Commonly referred to as plain or sliding bearings, they are designed primarily to assist and provide motion transfer, support a load, allow for angular motion and angular misalignment. Rod ends can be joined together or connected with a threaded rod or tube to form linkage assemblies allowing design engineers flexibility in transferring motion between points with long center distances.

In accordance to different application,duty and engineering demand,LDK fabricates rod end with housing made of mild steel,high chrome alloy steel,Chromoly and 300 family stainless steel for corrosive environment. Ball is mainly made of high chrome bearing steel(AISI 52100) and 440c stainless steel.

Although PTFE lined(maintenance free type) rod ends are more demanded in recent days,LDK also offers Re-lubricatable(maintenance required) type rod ends with lubricating facilities. Custom rod end plain bearings, contact us.

Spherical Plain Bearings utilize inner & outer rings with spherical sliding surfaces, and can accommodate heavy radial loads & bi-directional axial loads at the same time. They are produced in a wide variety of designs & materials to satisfy diverse demands such as those in the automation, construction, mining, transportation,

off-highway equipment, farming & machine tool applications. Standard designs utilize carbon chromium steel on steel which is hardened, phosphated and treated with Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2) to reduce friction. Most designs can be relubricated through annular grooves & lubrication holes in the outer rings. Bearings are also available in self lubricating designs utilizing PTFE lined races offering a maintenance free solution with lower friction. For corrosive environments, many sizes can be supplied in stainless steel construction. Spherical plain bearings and rod ends manufacturer LDK Bearings, get a quote from us.

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