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Stainless steel Ball Bearing Inserts



Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Insert: similar to chrome steel ball bearing insert,LDK stainless steel bearing insert are sealed single low deep groove ball bearings made of high quality stainless steel.  it's main features are:

- Outer & Inner rings and balls made of 440 stainless steel.

- Setscrew,Retainer,Slinger and anti-rotation pin made of 304 stainless steel.

- Lubricated with NSF H1 registered food grade grease.Maintenance free for life and solid-Lube options are available.

- With food grade silicon rubber seals.

- Available in different shaft locking methods: Setscrew locking: SUC,SSB,SSER / Eccentric collar locking: SNA(SHC), SSA / Adapter sleeve locking:SUK / Concentric collar locking:SUE,SUER

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