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Farm Implement Bearings(Agriculture)



Designed for harsh environments, LDK’s agricultural bearings perform in the toughest of applications, from planters, sprayers and shredders, to spreaders, mowers, augers, hay rakes, balers and more. Thanks to our leading manufacturing technique and IATF/ISO system, these heavy-duty units meet the highest quality standards set by leading agricultural OEMs. Farm Implement Ball Bearings with triple lip seals and outer shroud that prevent lubrication loss and protect against moisture and abrasion. Available for round and square bores. Styles include: 

** W200 PPB series - Non-Relubricatable

** GW200 PPB series - Relubricatable

** Disk Harrow Bearings: with two heavy gauge pressed steel plates riveted to form a housing,and two rubber O-rings surrounding a triple lip sealed bearing. Includes four mounting holes(square and round). Units can be relubrcated. Specify type (1 or 2 or 3) when ordering.Styles include:  209 Series & 211 Series (disk harrow bearings with tri-ply seals in round and square bores)

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